Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Still Searching For The Perfect Chocolate Cupcake

The perfect chocolate cupcake. What exactly constitutes as the perfect cupcake? I think the perfect chocolate cupcake should be fluffy, light, soft and moist texture-wise, not too sweet (to allow for frosting) and it definitely needs to be intensely chocolaty.  

In my quest for the perfect chocolate cupcake, I'd done additional research and read that mixing cocoa powder with hot water would better bring out the chocolate flavour. I tweaked the All Together Chocolate Cupcake (1) recipe to make some birthday cupcakes for my sweet friend Cynthia. This would be my contribution to her little pot luck birthday party at another friend Charmaine's home.

The result was a slightly more chocolaty cake, a little lighter in texture than the All Together Chocolate Cupcake (1) which made it a tad better but it still wasn't perfect. It's a good thing there's that Nutella butter cream to save the day.

Baking them in pretty pink and white polka dot cups and adorning with mini marshmallows as well as a sprinkle of icing sugar after spreading on the Nutella butter cream made them almost too adorable to eat! Almost.

I recommend eating these with a teaspoon. They can get quite messy. See recipe here.

They were quite a success at the party so I was a happy girl. 

But I knew I was still unsuccessful in my quest for the perfect chocolate cupcake so I researched cupcake recipes all weekend and came up with one which I made tonight since my DCM was out. Look out for my next post to find out if I was successful!

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  1. Very pretty cupcakes, babe! I'm sure they tasted awesome going by how much your friends loved it!


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