Thursday, 3 November 2011

So It Begins

So... I am finally blogging. After years of procrastination... And honestly with Facebook, I don't really see the point of blogging.

But anyway, here I am. My first post.

Why am I blogging now? Maybe it's cause so many people say I should. It could also be due to the lack of anything better to do. Whatever it is, here I am.

What is my blog about? Mostly my attempts at achieving Domestic Goddessness. My interpretations of the sort of things Ina Garten, Martha Stewart & Nigella Lawson would do. Please understand though that I do not idolise these women. I just love the idea of what they represent since I have a newfound love of cooking, gardening and making the apartment my DCM (the boyfriend's nickname) and I live in, a little more aesthetically pleasing.

So, I'm annoyed with the sun today. It is being lazy. My plants are suffering from a lack of Vitamin D and it's laundry day, which means the weekly cleaner is going to have issues drying our clothes. I don't have to cook today as my DCM is headed out tonight for farewell drinks. And, I think when the cleaner is done, I might just try making some chocolate cupcakes to amuse myself.

So anyway, off to help the help and if those chocolate cupcakes are successful, I may just blog about them.

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