Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Danish Croque-madame

Breakfast together on the weekends (or holidays) is a treasured luxury. The weekend brings about a better-rested, more relaxed DCM whom I am more than happy to indulge. I try to think of as many ways as possible to make weekend breakfasts interesting. 

This is a little restricted when my DCM does not have a sweet tooth. He'll have one or two cupcakes I make, some chocolate with almonds as a snack, a bit of birthday cake or try a dessert I'm having if I ask nicely but that's about it. 

So Gg says "bye bye" to pancakes and sweet french toasts... I love pancakes... And pancakes are something that you cannot make just for one.

Our breakfasts therefore consists a lot of bacon, eggs and sausages. I'm not complaining (much). I love bacon, eggs and sausages.

Here's one of my bacon, eggs and sausages variations I call Gg's Danish Croque-madame which combines the concept of Egg in a basket with the concept of a Croque-madame. What makes it Danish is the use of this bread I found at GWC's CS called Danish bread (a bread version of croissant), Danish brie instead of Emmental or Gruyère and Danish streaky bacon. See recipe here.

Danish Brie melts beautifully and it's subtle flavour brings out the salt of the bacon. The egg is cooked so it's not runny and messy yet not overcooked so it's hard and rubbery. The Danish bread's light crispiness causes crumbs but it's so nommy I only notice after we've made a mess. I like adding cherry tomatoes to my dishes as they add a fresh sweetness and are good for the prostate.

It sure takes more time and effort than just frying up eggs, bacon and sausages, and toasting some bread but it's for my DCM so it's worth it. He liked it plenty, making me a very happy girl.

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